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WEB MAINTENANCE / WEB MASTER Starting at $149 per month

Now that you have your website up and running, you need to keep it updated to inform your customers about events, sales, opportunities, and more.

Some sites are built with content management solutions (CMS) enabling you to make updates yourself through your web browser, without coding or special software. If you do not plan on making frequent updates, a maintenance plan may be right for you.

This is a must in the online business. Just like Facebook keeps changing their layout and features, you also must also keep up with the constant evolution of the web. Keeping your site running with content updates, software and plugin updates (WordPress users) on a regular basis is as important as updating virus protection on your desktop computer.

Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed? Let me manage this part of your business for you and you focus on what you do best running your business.

Why Hire me? I have over ten years experience in the automotive field. I was in sales, then managed a very successful Subaru and Ford dealer’s online marketing, CRM, website content, inventory images, updates and more. Then I started and then sold a very successful on-the-lot service. Used car images, window sticker and buyers guide placement, inventory uploads to lead providers – Autotrader, Cars.com and more.

$149 – What you get.

  • Monthly site monitoring – up-time is important. Your site is checked several times per day. An email will alert you of any down time and a recommended course of action.
  • Content updates – Content is key. Your content will get updated on your WordPress (CMS) or HTML site.
  • Site software updates – Just like a desktop, software patches are needed on a regular basis. Your WordPress site will be updated with the latest software patches and security updates.
  • Regular site backups: Making sure you are backed up in case of major crash or been hacked is critical

When you sign up for a maintenance plan with me, I will provide updates within 2 business days. I make it simple for you!

Buy blocks of time:
2 hours (min), 3 hours, 6 hours

Email your changes to me and you will get an email confirmation that your content has been updated and completed.

** First payment must be made before maintenance is provided.

Adding new pages, modifying or creating forms and search engine optimization are not considered maintenance and we will priced separately. Contact me for a quote

Subscribe Today for my $149 Monthly Plan – I will contact you after your payment has been received

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